In 2020 we set out to build more Spotify playlists. We only have a few published at the moment, but we’re currently carefully curating others which are set to go live across the rest of 2020!

#PortsmouthMusicScene#PortsmouthMusicScene – Updated every couple of weeks

This playlist features over four and a half hours of only the best in upcoming Portsmouth music. We’ve seen 99% of these bands live and we can assure you they are brilliant.



Mix It All Up - On Repeat

On Repeat – Updated every Friday

Our ‘On Repeat’ playlist does exactly what it says on the tin, these are tracks you’ll end up playing on repeat, just like we have! This playlist features the best in alternative, post-punk, indie-rock and beyond.



Post-Punk, Psych and other stuff we like Post-Punk, Psych and Other Stuff We Like 

A collection of mostly post-punk and psych-rock I’ve been listening to over the last few months. New and old gems. This playlist will be updated whenever I find good, new stuff!



Idyllic Dream-Pop

A small collection of the best in ambient, enchanting dream-pop music. This playlist will also be updated in batches, as and when I find new music.





Ambient Electro

– Coming Soon – Towards the end of 2020! –





– Page Under Construction –

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