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Mix It All Up is a music blog that was originally established in 2014 as a Tumblr blog to provide the world with music photography based in Portsmouth, UK. But in February 2016, we expanded Mix It All Up far beyond this. We now provide our audience with music reviews, news, festival previews from across the country, insightful interviews and also introduce them to upcoming bands which they may have not already heard of.

“Yet another music blog though?” I hear you ask… When we created Mix It All Up, we wanted to make a site that we, personally, would want to read whilst giving our audience something unique. We want to cover artists and bands (both emerging and established) that we think are worthy, not because they’re considered to be “cool” amongst the masses.

As of July 2017, we are listed as one of FeedSpot’s top 25 independent music blogs.


  • Singles/albums/EP reviews from musicians worldwide across out tracks of the week and general review features.
  • Concerts/festivals in the UK both photographically and written, providing previews as well as reviews.
  • Brief and more extensive interviews with musicians/promotors/venues/general people in the music industry worldwide.
  • News ranging from festivals, tours, releases and more but within the UK only.


  •  75% of our readers are in the UK.
  •  35% are between the ages of 18 and 34.
  •  71% of our audience are male.


  • 1400-1600 monthly average hits, which is continually on the rise.
  • 1519 Twitter followers
  • 1289 Instagram followers
  • 1170 Tumblr followers
  • 441 Facebook likes

Current as of 17th January 2018.