Local Band of the Day! 2

From April 2020 to around September 2020 we featured bands from across the Hampshire local music scene three times a week! As we approached 20 featured artists (now nearing 40!), we decided to make a handy page with all the bands/artists we’ve mentioned! This isn’t a be all or end all list, it’s a lot of the bands I’ve seen over the last couple of years live and enjoyed/would very much recommend. One day I’ll continue to add to this list once gigs return!

I’m not too sure where the original page with this went… It turned into a category and vanished! Either way, it’s back!

*Page under construction – Updating/adding/removing pages*

Enjoy! All the graphics below are clickable and will take you to more info about each act 👇

Arcade Hearts  Ban Summers  BARBUDOBASH!  Bella Estelle  Calum LintottCapital Fuzz  Crstian TR  Dad HairThe Directors  DJUNO  Fake Empire Fast Trains  Flowvers  Friday Night Weird DreamsFugitive Orchestra  Hallan  Happy2000 Highlights of Our Modern World  Hooli  Jerry Williams Lauran Hibberd  Mammalia Blue  Megan Linford Local Band of the Day - Mystic Peach  Neverman  PARAFFIN Local band of the day - The Pretty Visitors  Sad Palace  Temples of Youth Tom Bryan  Web  Wild Front


Now defunct local bands, but still worth a listen:

The Dusty Trims Is Bliss The New ShoesPlayMondaeo  The Stone Birds The Zodiacs

Last updated: 2nd June 2021

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