Discover: Tin Foil Astronaut – Wallflower

Margate’s Tin Foil Astronaut recently returned with their latest track ‘Wallflower‘, the first single taken from their latest EP ‘Some Strange Hypnosis’. ‘Wallflower’ is psych-pop track that’s an ode to its namesake. It’s starts off modestly and quite minimally with heartfelt vocals and dreamy melodies, but as ‘Wallflower’ progresses, it becomes something quite cinematic, even epic towards the end.

Speaking of the track, Tin Foil Astronaut has said: “Looking back on that day, it was probably the most alive I’ve ever felt; as if a part of me had been switched on after a period of feeling like I was on auto-pilot. By the time I’d driven back to where I was staying in Queenstown and taken in the stunning scenery along the way, the song had pretty much taken form in my head. It’s about feeling like an outsider, getting to know yourself better and facing up to social anxiety.”

Listen to ‘Wallflower’ by Tin Foil Astronaut below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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