Discover: Adam Hopper – Green Man

This fun track comes from Manchester based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Hopper! ‘Green Man‘ is a buoyant indie-pop track with funky synth use and a 90’s vibe that adds to ‘Green Man’s nostalgic side. It’s the most carefree, yet uplifting track (instrumentally anyway!) that you’ll hear this month. ‘Green Man’ is the second solo offering from Adam Hopper.

Speaking of the track, Adam Hopper has said: “I used to see the same old man in the same place on my way to work every day. He had this dishevelled look about him. He had a long beard and was always wearing his dressing gown. I used to pretend he was a down on his luck wizard with the power to save humanity but refuses to because people are mean to him. I’ve moved house since so don’t see him anymore but nicknamed him Green Man in my head. I still think about him often.”

Listen to ‘Green Man’ by Adam Hopper below and keep up with them on social media via the links below:

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