Discover: Flat Party – Dig Up Concrete With A Plastic Shovel

London based Flat Party are back with their catchily titled new track ‘Dig Up Concrete With A Plastic Shovel‘. It’s a fun track that’s in your face from the word go and has the kind of energy that makes it sound like it’s a track that would go down brilliantly live, even its calmer moments.

Speaking of the track, Jack Lawther of Flat Party has said: “’Dig Up Concrete With A Plastic Shovel’ is an aphorism for a task that is impossible to complete. Abject cynicism is often masked by saying one is “being realistic” and this song is about the harmful effects of this. In believing that to even attempt in life is futile, one sets themselves up to fail in everything from relationships to simply having coffee with a friend.”

Listen to ‘Dig Up Concrete With A Plastic Shovel’ by Flat Party below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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