EP Review: cowboyy – Epic the Movie

cowboyy - Epic the MovieSouth Coast art-rock quartet cowboyy are about to release their long-awaited, debut EP ‘Epic the Movie‘ tomorrow! Gaining a reputation for their noisy, raucous live shows, cowboyy were relatively elusive online up until the end of last year. Making waves just by being one of the most hard-working bands of the moment.

One of the catchiest songs of last year, ‘Gmaps‘ kicks the EP off with a bang and sets the pace for what’s yet to come. It’s an eccentric, energy-filled offering that’s short, sweet and snappy. One of the more gripping parts of the EP for sure. This is followed up by ‘Tennis‘ in a similar vein which is just as restless and noisy.

Plastic‘ is also centred around angular, jazzy riffs and comments on environmental issues amongst other things. ‘Algorithmic‘ is an attitude-filled track with a tongue-in-cheek commentary on fake-ness, people taking themselves far too seriously, music scenes and more. Another highlight from the EP anyway! ‘Epic the Movie’ is finished up by ‘Nothing‘, a calmer moment from the band’s live performances. Although despite the track being a slow-burner, it’s an intense moody track that concludes the EP perfectly. A refreshing listen from start to finish.

Epic the Movie‘ by cowboyy is set for release on 10th March 2023.

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