Discover: Youth Sector – A Definitive Guide to Easy Living

Brighton’s Youth Sector returned a couple of weeks back with their suitably catchy new single ‘A Definitive Guide to Easy Living‘. It’s a snappy, art-rock/disco cross-over in true Youth Sector style with lyrics commentating (in a satirical manner) on the grim, hidden world of anti-homeless architecture.

Speaking of the track, Youth Sector have said: “‘A Definitive Guide to Easy Living’ is one of my favourite of our songs lyrically; it’s got this dance/disco beat at its core but the song is about the grim world of anti-homeless architecture which is essentially urban spaces and facilities that are designed in a way that prevents homeless people from sleeping/sheltering there, ideally without the public noticing.”

“It’s everywhere in London where I live and once you notice it you spot it wherever you go. ‘Easy Living’ is written through the eyes of a financially comfortable architect taking immense pride in their work, being paid to drive out individuals with nowhere else to go.”

Listen to ‘A Definitive Guide to Easy Living’ by Youth Sector below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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