Track of the Day #1039: BADGERS – Supposed To Know

BADGERS - Supposed to KnowMelbourne band BADGERS returned yesterday with their latest track ‘Supposed To Know‘. It’s a summery psychedelic/garage pop track with a catchy chorus. ‘Supposed To Know’ is more laid-back than previous offerings from BADGERS, but it’s still a banger.

Speaking of the track, Michael Badger from the band has said: “‘Supposed To Know’ was one of those tracks where pretty much every instrument was laid down in one take as we were writing it. I’d been at an outrageous kickons a couple of days earlier, there was this guy called Jim freaking the hell out of everyone and he was so drunk he walked head first into a glass door. We tried to pull him aside and I remember him saying “Was I Supposed To Know?””

Listen to ‘Supposed to Know’ by BADGERS below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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