Track of the Day #1038: Floodhounds – Psychosemantics

Floodhounds - Psychosemantics

Yorkshire’s Floodhounds returned last week with this banger ‘Psychosemantics‘! It’s an intense ball of energy from start to finish with ferocious instrumentation and riffs throughout. ‘Psychosemantics’ is one of Floodhounds catchiest songs yet.

Speaking of the track, Jack Flynn of Floodhounds has said: “The theme is dealing with the external chaos that you can sometimes find yourself thrown into without warning. The line ’Get me out of this, Why’d you get me into this,’ sparked it off, that’s the genesis of the song.”

“Sometimes these situations are your own doing, sometimes they are somebody else’s, and even though you can see it coming, the allure of the chaos can get you hooked in before you realise you’re bang in the middle of it. An uplifting chorus opens up the song, reminding you about how a bit of space to breathe is often all you need”

Listen to ‘Psychosemantics’ by Floodhounds below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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