Discover: Bo Milli – Good Kid

Norwegian musician Bo Milli recently released her latest single ‘Good Kid‘. It’s a laid-back, yet powerful, nostalgic slice of indie-rock/pop. ‘Good Kid’ is a personal examination of Bo Milli’s “responsibility in the fight against a climate catastrophe, whilst challenging the expectations of generations before her”.

Speaking of the track, Bo Milli has said: “When I imagine the year 2100, given I could technically still be alive by then, we’re looking at a 3-degree warmer world. In that world, it’s unlikely I’ll have a steady pension and my (future) grandkids definitely will be living in a much scarier world. And that seems very unfair.”

“No matter what I do we’re probably fucked – so whatever I do (or don’t do) regarding the climate crisis doesn’t impact whether I’m a good kid. This is the kind of reassurance I think I look for on some level during the many bleak conversations I have about our future.”

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