Track of the Day #1034: Kitty Fitz – I Want Your Love (Oh My God!)

This electronic, alternative-pop gem ‘I Want Your Love (Oh My God!)‘ comes from South East London artist Kitty Fitz. It’s a warm, chirpy track that’s nostalgic and has anxious, bumbling synths throughout. Overall, ‘I Want Your Love (Oh My God!)’ is an upbeat alt-pop track and (although we’re only 19 days into the year) it’s definitely one of my most-played tracks of this year so far.

Speaking of the track, Kitty Fitz has said: “Whenever I get a crush it can be super all encompassing, so this song was about the feeling of even just being at the pub with my friends and doing double takes thinking I’d seen them, searching for their face in the crowd, and showing up to gigs wondering or hoping that they’d be there. Although I’m not with this person any more, it serves as a reminder to myself of a moment in time, and how exciting love can be when it happens” 

Listen to ‘I Want Your Love (Oh My God!)’ by Kitty Fitz below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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