Track of the Day #1030: Bo Gritz – Observes and Selects

Bo Gritz - Observes and SelectsEmerging from hibernation, Bo Gritz returned today with their brand new single ‘Observes and Selects‘. Maturer sounding, but just as raucous as as previous offerings ‘Observes and Selects’ is quite literally the sound of organised chaos. It’s a harsh, yet exciting industrial noise-rock track that sounds made to be heard live.

Speaking of the track Finn Holland of Bo Gritz has said: “The lyrics for the song emerged by using cut-up technique. I collected a large bank of words and sentences, collected from many different sources which were then butchered up. Gossip magazines, articles on a murder, manuals from a washing machine were merged and then used to form the lyrics for the songs.”

“‘Observes and Selects’ (in my view) became something depicting a place confusing and claustrophobic. It’s a short, sharp reintroduction to Bo Gritz, and a taster of things to come.”

Listen to ‘Observes and Selects’ by Bo Gritz below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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