Track of the Day #1016: Fake Turins – Built To Touch

Fake Turins - Built To TouchLondon based 11-piece band Fake Turins are back and they released their latest single ‘Built To Touch‘ last week! It’s an atmospheric art-rock track that’s got Fake Turins trademark laid-back, yet danceable groove to it.

Speaking of the track, Dominic Rose of Fake Turins has said: “Tear our words away and what are we left with? ‘Built to Touch’ is the dissonance in the wake of development – drawing parallels in the modernist plight to reify the spectre of humanity. Referencing the short story “The Hollow Men” by T.S Eliot, ‘Built To Touch’ explores the loneliness of big ideas, especially amongst the violent and fractured dogmas connecting post-war trauma to our own. After all the thinking is done, are we really just built to touch?“

Like what you hear? The band are playing live at neu waves at The Loft, Southsea next Thursday (10th November) and tickets can be found here.

Listen to ‘Built To Touch’ by Fake Turins below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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