Track of the Day #1009: Mystic Peach – Death of Me

Mystic Peach - Death of Me

Southampton based trio Mystic Peach are back with their latest single ‘Death of Me‘! ‘Death of Me’ is a psych-tinged punk track that has a darker, ominous side to it. The track’s shouty and centred around hypnotic riffs (in true Mystic Peach style).

Speaking of the track, Curtis Gale of Mystic Peach has said: “Trying to extract my feelings and emotions around ‘Death Of Me’ is hard. There’s been propaganda we’ve had to endure, especially over the last 3 years, that had a massive impact on this – but politics is not the protagonist, it’s the narrator.”

“Trying to figure out what’s reality or my imagination and the realisation that I’ve lost touch with people – my empathy, sympathy, love and happiness towards them has nearly diminished. The followers call out the oppressed for being manipulated and selfish.”

“Upon reflection, political, religious and societal differences will never be the problem, it’s the people who are conditioned to it. They’ll more likely get to me before cigarettes do.”

Listen to ‘Death of Me’ by Mystic Peach below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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