Track of the Day #1002: Jules Smith – End of a Season

London based multi-instrumentalist Jules Smith has returned today with their second single ‘End of a Season‘. It’s an acoustic-folk, psych-tinged track with a warmth to it and the track is super melodic too. ‘End of a Season’ is probably the most charming song you’ll hear this week.

Speaking of the track, Jules Smith has said: “The single was loosely inspired by the time frame in which I recorded it, being the short interim between spring and summer when I decided to record lots of acoustic music on some dusty old equipment.”

“The lyrics came together in a stream of consciousness type process, where I write the first thing that often comes to me. When writing this single I let myself be influenced by all the visual stimuli around me. It’s very much an objective reply to the gradual change of the season and its subjective effects on me.”

Listen to ‘End of a Season’ by Jules Smith below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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