Discover: Bollards – Crimestopping

London based art-rock quartet Bollards returned today with their brand new single ‘Crimestopping‘, the first since their debut EP ‘Harbour Dance’ back in January. ‘Crimestopping’ is filled with jaunty, sometimes monotonous instrumentation, but it also has its moments of chaos and catchiness too. Although it has a punkier side to it in places, ‘Crimestopping’ also explores Bollards more electronic influences.

Speaking of the lyrics, Bollards have said: “‘Crimestopping’ asks questions of a society being encouraged to police itself, its communities and the most vulnerable. “It’s not deep dive, it’s not news night”, comments on an angle increasingly taken by the media and our governments to over analyse and remove the human from some of society’s most complex problems.”

Listen to ‘Crimestopping’ by Bollards below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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