Discover: Ainsley Farrell – Buffet

Buffet‘ is the second single taken from Ainsley Farrell‘s forthcoming album! The track has an effortless, but melancholy feel to it. Contrasting the monotony of the instrumentation, Ainsley Farrell’s expressive vocals add colour ‘Buffet’.

Speaking of the track, Ainsley Farrell has said: “This song came from a place of feeling angry, powerless and minimised after a few different experiences where men thought they could violate my space and then just go about their day. The main experience the song touches on is when an old man hit on me at a buffet by comparing me to the food. I made excuses for the men who inappropriately hit on me, groped me, and shoved me. Singing this song helps me take back my power and stand up to them when I wasn’t able to at the time.”

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