Discover: EVNTYD – Thinking of You

Austin, Texas based artist EVNTYD (pronounced Eventide) recently released this laid-back, somewhat emotional number ‘Thinking of You‘. It’s quite a melancholic track that’s centred around a revolving, swirling guitar melody and wistful vocals. Overall, ‘Thinking of You’ has a dreamy side and an almost waltz-y vibe to it.

Speaking of the track EVNTYD has said: “I wrote this unrequited love song in the days that followed an encounter I had with a girl at a bar in Ipswich, UK. That night, I danced with her and felt an attraction I hadn’t felt in a long time (keep in mind, my time in England was spent making ends meet and writing songs), but I knew I had nothing to offer the likes of her (I was broke) and I’d never see her again.”

Listen to ‘Thinking of You’ by EVNTYD below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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