Track of the Day #988: Mystic Peach – Ursodfrnt

Following the release of their debut EP ‘M?‘ towards the end of last year, Southampton favourites Mystic Peach have returned today with their latest single ‘Ursodfrnt‘! A live favourite for a while, ‘Ursodftnt’ is a concise, thunderous ball of energy and yet also has a playful side to it. If you like this track, its b-side ‘The Other Half’ is also well worth a listen!

Speaking of the track, Curtis Gale of Mystic Peach has said: “This is our perspective of a modern society where we spectate on petty, point scoring and vindictive lay-abouts that lack the initiative to take up a hobby that isn’t scanning strangers lives. A simple, dumbed-down ‘utopia’ that has no room for simple life.”

“So here’s a song to suit the needs of modern life, a verse that promises so much, but the chorus is lacklustre. Senseless lyrics with words that no one knows what it’s meant to mean. A perfect recipe to attract attention of our fellow primates.”

Listen to ‘Ursodfrnt’ by Mystic Peach below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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