Track of the Day #983: llawgne – Skandinavisches Licht

llawgne - Skandinavisches LichtSkandinavisches Licht‘ is the latest single from Gothenberg based musician llawgne. It’s quite an ethereal track that’s centred around a twinkly melody and overall, the track has quite a shoegaze-y side to it. This aside, ‘Skandinavisches Licht’s chorus is powerful and the breakdown leading up to the end has fuzzier psychedelic, even krautrock sensibilities. ‘Skandinavisches Licht’ is taken from llawgne’s debut album ‘Nevereveries’.

Speaking of the track, llawgne has said: ”’Skandinavisches Licht’ is about dreaming about another life in another place. If we could only go there we could live our dream life! Few places in the world are as idealised as Scandinavia. There is darkness here just as everywhere else, and the utopia exists only in your imagination. People will gladly sell you the keys to the promised land, but they won’t show you where the locks are.”

Listen to Skandinavisches Licht’ by llawgne below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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