6 Bands You Can’t Miss at Golden Touch Festival, Portsmouth – 2022

Golden Touch Festival returns this Saturday (11th June 2022) to the Wedgewood Rooms/Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth bringing some of the best in new indie pop/rock to the city. South London’s Bears In Trees are set to headline the event and they’ll be joined by 19 other upcoming bands/artists on the day. Although you shouldn’t be missing anyone as there are no clashes whatsoever, here are 6 bands you definitely shouldn’t be missing.

I’ll update this post with set-times etc when they’re available.

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The Covasettes

In Brief: Manchester based quartet The Covasettes were one of our favourite live, indie-pop discoveries of 2019. The band have released a string of lively, energetic tracks and are a blast live.

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Jerry Williams

In Brief: Jerry Williams is a Portsmouth singer-songwriter whose songs could be described as heartfelt and thought-provoking yet with witty and energetic moments too.

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Arcade Hearts

In Brief: Arcade Hearts are a long-time favourite of ours! The Gosport based indie-pop/synth-wave band create infectious tracks with huge choruses that are made to be heard live.

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Caravan Club

In Brief: Southampton based indie-rock quartet make their Portsmouth debut at Golden Touch Festival. We were impressed by them when we saw them live at the end of last year and the band are also set to release their debut single ‘Demon Girl’ on 17th June 2022.

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Harvey Jay Dodgson

In Brief: Portsmouth based singer-songwriter Harvey Jay Dodgson creates lively indie-rock with pop sensibilities and has released tune after tune over the past year.

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The Manatees

In Brief: The Manatees are a south-coast based indie-pop band with a fresh, energetic sound. Their latest single ‘Naturally’ is one of the catchiest tracks I’ve heard this year.

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