Track of the Day #977: Samuel Lee Diaper – Optimistic Shades of Melancholy

Samuel Lee Diaper - Optimistic Shades of MelancholyPortsmouth based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Samuel Lee Diaper returned this week with their latest single ‘Optimistic Shades of Melancholy‘. The track sees a departure from the folkier undertones of their previous EP ‘Young Kingfisher‘ and it has a more fun, chaotic side to it. ‘Optimistic Shades of Melancholy’ is filled with energetic guitars as well as carefree raucousness, but in turn, this is broken up by calmer and more thoughtful moments.

‘Optimistic Shades of Melancholy’ is taken from Samuel Lee Diaper’s forthcoming EP ‘Old Kingfisher’.

Listen to ‘Optimistic Shades of Melancholy’ by Samuel Lee Diaper below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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