Discover: Palma Louca – Disappear

Newcastle based alternative rock band Palma Louca recently returned with their latest track and first offering of 2022 ‘Disappear‘. It’s a slow-burner in ways but the track erupts into anthemic choruses also a hectic breakdown towards the end. ‘Disappear’ has its ethereal, even minimal moments but overall it’s a refreshing slice of indie-rock.

Speaking of the track, Palma Louca have said: “‘Disappear’ describes the downward spiral of a man who has taken the wrong path in life, turning him to addiction and depravity. The track sees the pressure build into a state of euphoric despair, culminating in a frantic end section that echoes the manic state of mind of a man who is living on the edge.”

Listen to ‘Disappear’ by Palma Louca below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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