Track of the Day #972: Sarpa Salpa – Dreaming

Sarpa Salpa - DreamingNorthampton indie-pop quartet Sarpa Salpa returned a couple of weeks back with their latest single ‘Dreaming‘, yet another super catchy track from the band. ‘Dreaming’ is a punchy, upbeat banger in true Sarpa Salpa style and the track has a danceable side to it.

Speaking of the track, Marcus Marooth of Sarpa Salpa has said: “‘Dreaming’ is about the stark emotional difference I feel from when we are stood on stage performing, to difficult times in our personal lives and struggling to make ends meet. The immense highs of touring and playing live vs the Monday morning post-gig lows. Later in the track it references our reliance on each other as friends as well as our partners and families whose indispensable support keeps us going”.

Listen to ‘Dreaming’ by Sarpa Salpa below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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