Track of the Day #971: Cat Ryan – Rex Mundi

Newcastle indie-rock band Cat Ryan returned last week with their first new music in two years. ‘Rex Mundi‘ is a dreamy, yet upbeat slice of indie-pop that’s filled with Cat Ryan’s trademark chirpy melodies and summery vibe.

Speaking of the track, Mary-Anne of Cat Ryan has said: “‘Rex Mundi’ came to fruition whilst I was visiting my family’s remote farm in rural Ireland.

In terms of the lyrics, these came about after visiting my aunt and uncle nearby, where I learned that they’d recently got a new greyhound named ‘Rex Mundi’ (Latin for ‘King of the World’), which instantly resonated with me and, as greyhounds are known for their speed, it seemed like a perfect theme to fit with the musical vibe.

In the song, Rex is running from social injustice but realises this won’t make a lasting change so adopts an alternative mindset. He attempts to fight and rise up against the perpetrators to become the ‘king of the world’. This isn’t meant in a literal sense but to place emphasis on his strong character and mentality.”

Listen to ‘Rex Mundi’ by Cat Ryan below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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