Discover: Langkamer – Soul Bucket

Slightly more on the folkier side than what we usually go for, but this latest track from Bristol based band Langkamer was too good to pass by. ‘Soul Bucket‘ is much mellower than Langkamer’s previous single ‘Teeth‘, but this track is a fuzzy, charming offering that’s based around the “inescapable realities of growing older”.

Speaking of the track, Josh Jarman of Langkamer has said: “‘Soul Bucket’ is an ode to ageing. To realising that the time is rolling away from you and you can’t catch up no matter how fast you run. We’re distracted by our petty problems and when we look back we realise it’s been months, years.”

Listen to ‘Soul Bucket’ by Langkamer below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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