Track of the Day #963: Fake Turins – Parcel Duchamp

Fake Turins - Parcel DuchampNorth London based collective Fake Turins recently returned with their latest release ‘Parcel Duchamp‘!  In true Fake Turins style, it’s a track that pushes boundaries and has its roots firmly planted in both disco and funk territories. ‘Parcel Duchamp’ has an almost journey-like manner to it. It’s constantly moving between more ambient, melodic parts, almost spoken-word vocals and various chaotic moments with brass parts thrown in for good measure.

Speaking of the track, Dominic Rose of Fake Turins has said: “The track itself is an absurdist tale of identity – the feeling that comes from staring at yourself in the mirror for too long. From acknowledging all incarnations of you and how ridiculous that is to reconcile with the one now staring back at you. It works as a dadaist story of self, how we are formed from collected ideas & borrowed ideologies that stay unquestioned until that moment we lose ourselves in our own reflection.”

Listen to ‘Parcel Duchamp’ by Fake Turins below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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