Track of the Day #960: DEADLETTER – Hero

Last month London based six-piece DEADLETTER returned with their latest offering ‘Hero‘. It’s an urgent, hook-filled track with a narrative inspired by “cases of firefighters in the US starting fires only to answer the calls themselves in a flurry of self-fabricated valour”. ‘Hero’ follows up DEADLETTER’s equally clever and punchy last track ‘Pop Culture Connoisseur‘.

Speaking of the track, Zac Lawrence of DEADLETTER has said: “The fictional story of ‘Hero’ raises the question of how far a human would go to prove their worth in a world crammed with difficult expectations and ever mounting pressure. It’s an extreme example, but we hope there’s a level of relatability.”

Listen to ‘Hero’ by DEADLETTER below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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