Track of the Day #955: Harvey Jay Dodgson – For the Love of It

Harvey Jay Dodgson - For the Love of ItThis catchy, indie-rock tune comes from local artist Harvey Jay Dodgson. ‘For the Love of It‘ is an energetic track that’s both charming and good enough to sing along to. This single follows up Harvey Jay Dodgson’s previous single ‘Caroline‘ which is just as catchy as this offering.

Speaking of the track, Harvey Jay Dodgson has said: “‘For The Love Of It’ is a statement about how music should be created and played … for the love of it. Not following a trend, being able to connect with others, not forcing the art for the primary motive of money. The production portrays this. Playful melodies, groups of chanting teens, rough around the edges as a whole – a song to shout out together with your mates.  My painting of why I make music for the love of it.’’

Listen to ‘For the Love of It’ by Harvey Jay Dodgson below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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