Discover: Home Counties – Village Spirit

Today London based art-punk band Home Counties returned with their latest EP ‘In A Middle English Town’ and ‘Village Spirit‘ is a track taken from this release. It’s an eccentric, synth filled track with funky guitar parts and a catchy, more pop feel to the chorus. ‘Village Spirit’ is yet another banger from Home Counties.

Speaking of the track, the band have said: “The song is based on a book by historian Alain Corbin, Village of Cannibals, which is about the murder of a nobleman in late nineteenth century France” singer Will Harrison notes. “Based on rumours, the whole village was whipped up into a frenzy and ended up brutally torturing and murdering the nobleman. The lyrics focus on the contrast between positivity of place-based collectivism, and the meaning it can bring, and the often tragic consequences of it. It’s a really messed up story, and contrasts what is probably one of our most gentle and melodic songs.”

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