Discover: Big Softy – The Big Man

Leeds based duo Big Softy recently returned with their second single, a fun yet angular post punk track ‘The Big Man‘. It’s a chaotic track that’s just as catchy as previous single ‘Supercomputer‘, but this time dissonant, jangly instrumentation is a big part of the track alongside hypnotic, psychedelic riffs.

Speaking of the track, Big Softy have said: “‘The Big Man’ explores ideas of the fragility of the male ego, and how it is easily swayed and corrupted. From hyper-macho displays of masculinity from guys on the street, to men at the highest echelons of power, toxic masculinity runs rife. This song is about shedding that baggage, and removing it from your life.”

Listen to ‘The Big Man’ by Big Softy below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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