Discover: vincent’s last summer – come again

come again‘ is the latest track from Bury based artist vincent’s last summer! It’s a raw, lo-fi track that has vincent’s last summer’s usual effortless vibe to it, charming vocals and super catchy hooks throughout. ‘come again’ has an energetic chorus and overall, the track it sounds like a banger that’s been made to be heard live.

Speaking of the track, vincent’s last summer has said: “‘come again’ is about being lost in the frustration of life not moving as fast as you’d like it to. The lyrics express emotions of secrecy and solitude along side an instrumental that glows with shoegaze influences. The robotic melody heard in the verses and the outro encapsulate the feeling of being stuck in a stage of life that can feel lost, but inspiring an end to such a cycle. Towards the end, the title is chanted in an anthemic manner, perhaps inspiring hope that things will improve.”

Listen to ‘come again’ by vincent’s last summer below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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