Discover: Wombo – One of These

Kentucky based trio Wombo recently released the first track since their EP ‘Keesh Mountain’ earlier this year. ‘One of These‘ has a monotonous/hypnotic side to it that comes through in the form of the post-punk tinged riffs. But the vocals glide above this adding an almost floaty side to the otherwise intense track.

Speaking of the track, Wombo have said: ‘“One of These” is about duality; like finding how to balance chaos and structure instead of choosing one or the other. The song is also about wanting to crawl into a hole but not letting yourself. I feel like every now and again many people have the desire to ignore everything going on around them; all the turmoil and hate and fighting, and hide away and live a quiet life. It’s a fantasy and the song is me playing with that fantasy, all the while knowing it’s a fools errand.”

Listen to ‘One of These’ by Wombo below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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