Instrumental: Factor Eight – A Voice (IV)

This instrumental piece of music is from Canadian artist Factor Eight‘s latest album ‘II‘. ‘A Voice (IV)‘ is a minimal, ambient piece of music that’s been created by Factor Eight solely using his voice. On first listen, this wouldn’t necessarily be apparent and that’s what makes the track even more impressive/unique. It’s a dark, spacious piece of music that’s haunting in parts and yet hopeful in others.

Speaking of the album, Factor Eight has said: “A selection of works titled ‘A Voice’ were created using only my voice as a sonic parallel to giving a voice to mental illness, as well as the personal and artistic voice I found through the creation of this record.”

“‘II’ is a 1.5hr concept album that tells a story from front to back. It is the most vulnerable and honest artwork I have ever made. Nothing has ever quite meant to me what this album does.”

Proceeds from this album/release will be donated to Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatoon.

Listen to ‘A Voice (IV)’ by Factor Eight below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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