Track of the Day #925: SLANT – Eat The Moon

Filled with wit and attitude in true SLANT fashion, the Brighton based quintet recently release this banger ‘Eat The Moon‘. The track starts off somewhat minimal, but as it progresses it gets more cathartic and is filled with punk sensibilities. ‘Eat The Moon’ is definitely a song you could imagine singing/shouting along to at a gig anyway!

Speaking of the track SLANT have said: “Have you ever been so desperate to escape the wallow and pity of life that you transport yourself to a different world; a world that exists only within the four corners of your mind? In this world without limits you find that one minute you are flying in a helicopter and then the next you’re dancing in space, eating chunks of the moon with a gigantic metal spoon.”

Listen to ‘Eat The Moon’ by SLANT below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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