Track of the Day #924: Beija Flo – Heads or Tails

Beija Flo - Heads or TailsThis short but snappy track comes from Liverpool based solo artist Beija Flo and it’s a song written about her hometown of Harlow, Essex. ‘Heads or Tails‘ is a punky banger that’s a loud, cathartic burst of energy.

Speaking of the track, Beija Flo has said: “I wrote ‘Heads or Tails’ in my hometown, Harlow in Essex. Until a couple of years ago we were the most murderous town in England and Wales. Over the years I’ve watched the beautiful sculpture town, my Grandad helped build, continuously vote Conservative – who constantly make empty promises and cut funding.”

“There’s nothing for the locals. No nightclub. Barely any restaurants. There’s nothing for young people. There’s nothing there at all. Just this grey, dull, sadness. Up and down the country, there’s Harlow’s all over. It’s broken Britain. It makes me want to scream.”

Listen to ‘Heads or Tails’ by Beija Flo below and keep up with her on social media via the following links:

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