Discover: Myriad – Do You Know Where She Goes

Do You Know Where She Goes‘ is the newest single from Southampton based indie-rock band Myriad, the latest and final track of a 3-track project this year. It’s a fast-paced, catchy track that’s tinged with melancholy, but it’s also anthemic and even has an 80’s-rock style guitar solo towards the end. The track follows on from their previous single ‘3am‘ and it’s probably Myriad’s strongest single yet.

Speaking of the track “these songs cover some of the most important subjects facing 16-24-year-olds today; consent, insomnia, commitment, and independence to name a few. ‘Do You Know Where She Goes’ takes the concept of independence and commitment, and it paints the picture of when we are away from our partners from events such as the covid pandemic, we long for physical connection.”

We were lucky enough to catch Myriad live earlier this month at The Joiners, Southampton and you can find photos from the gig here.

Listen to ‘Do You Know Where She Goes’ by Myriad below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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