Instrumental: AXLAUSTADE – ouverture

ouverture‘ is the latest track from Montreal based instrumental, garage-rock band AXLAUSTADE and it’s taken from their forthcoming, self-titled LP. It’s a harsh yet energetic track that’s full of noise, but also subtle intricacies that drive the track along. This is joined by a hypnotic bassline and almost tribal percussion towards the end of the track. The self-titled LP from AXLAUSTADE available now.

Speaking of ‘ouverture’, AXLAUSTADE have said: “[It has a] monumental drum beat with a hypnotic bassline and a very raw and steady guitar riff. Not to mention the solid bongos breakdown,” the band said of the track. “[It was] pne of the first pieces we ever did. The jam was good and the tune came to us very quickly, almost identical to the recorded version… minus the bongos, voices, and Streets of Rage noises. It’s meant to be the story of a band who plays a very early gig in a daytime festival.”

Listen to ‘ouverture’ by AXLAUSTADE below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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