Instrumental: Flying Gravity – … Run! Strandwolf

This epic post-rock instrumental track comes from London/Cardiff based solo project Flying Gravity! ‘… Run! Strandwolf‘ is a track that wears its influences on its sleeve, but it’s still an anthemic slice of post-rock. The track is tinged with melancholy and nostalgic vibes, especially in its more hectic moments. ‘…Run! Strandwolf’ only calms briefly towards the middle of the track and beyond this, it becomes more hopeful sounding.

Speaking of the track, Flying Gravity have said: “This song, ‘… Run! Strandwolf’ is a song about some feelings of who was not appreciated for what have been doing and in the end decided to leave then unleash the potential in the long run. It starts with a wall of sound saying the anger and frustration, then after some quiet reflection, decides to go into another full dash into the unknown yet much brighter future.”

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