Discover: Adi Sun – Twin Flame

Boston based alt-rock musician Adi Sun recently released their third single ‘Twin Flame‘. It’s an ambient, melancholy-tinged track where the verses are jangly, yet in contrast the tracks choruses are longing and powerful. ‘Twin Flame’ sees one of Adi Sun’s most potent tracks yet that builds into something quite anthemic.

Speaking of the track ‘Twin Flame’, Adi Sun has said: “‘Twin Flame’ was written the moment I realised this beautiful connection was ending. It came out of the fear that there would be no other bond like it. So you cling, even though it hurts. I was left so confused and dejected, and those emotions had no place to go, so I took that pain and longing and turned it into something that I find beautiful.”

Listen to ‘Twin Flame’ by Adi Sun below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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