Track of the Day #910: Kyoto Kyoto – Dart Oporto 56

Kyoto Kyoto - Dart Oporto 56Following up their brilliant debut single ‘Gaacher Blitz‘, London based experimental band Kyoto Kyoto recently released this frantic track ‘Dart Oporto 56‘. The band continue to push boundaries on ‘Dark Oporto 56’ combining Anatolian psych, math-rock and noise to create something that’s hypnotic and restless.

Speaking of the track, Kyoto Kyoto have said: “‘Dart Oporto 56’ is an ode to people whom I consider to be larger than life. People who lose themselves completely in their craft, and the hard times they face as a consequence. It is a contemplation on how they must deal with these issues whilst remaining committed to their art. The cluster of different inspirations, textures and moods displayed throughout the song reflects the spontaneity we managed to harness that night in an inspired writing session in Madrid.”

Listen to ‘Dart Oporto 56’ by Kyoto Kyoto below and keep up with them on social media via the following links:

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