Live Review: JUNO, Monster Logic, The Directors & Kieran Poling @ the Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth – 29/07/21

Truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan of indie pop. However, what a gig this was. On Thursday evening Fitz Promotions brought Guildford band JUNO to the Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth who sold out their first gig back in 17 months. Supporting on the evening came from Monster Logic, The Directors and Kieran Poling. The calibre of bands performing on Thursday evening was enough to blow me away and that’s saying something.

The first act on was Kieran Poling, a Hampshire based solo artist. He played acoustic-indie pop and came across as super-friendly with a charming stage presence. His set was comprised of both original and covers including one by The 1975, but I wasn’t overly familiar with the others. He also covered a song he wasn’t entirely sure of, I’ve forgotten the name of it, but he went for it anyway which was admirable and the crowd helped out. Otherwise, disappointingly, there was a lot of crowd chatter during his set and I felt sorry for him. The least people can do after not going to a gig for a year is to shut up during songs, it’s not too much to ask is it?

Second up was The Directors, a band who I’d previously seen supporting The Zangwills also for Fitz Promotions just before the pandemic hit. I’d kept up with their releases over the last year, but well, have they improved remarkably since the last time I saw them live! The band played through a set of their singles including ‘Who’s Your Neighbour?’ and ‘Sunday Comedown’ and they even gave a signed CD away towards the end of their set. The Directors also had much praise for the next band on the lineup, sounding quite grateful that Monster Logic were still a band after the last year! Monster Logic were a new band on me who played through a set full of atmospheric indie-pop with an almost anthemic side to their music.

I missed JUNO at Icebreaker Festival back in 2019 and although I thought they’d be too indie-pop for my liking, I’d heard good things so hoped to catch them live one day. However, I was definitely not disappointed. JUNO brought snappy, playful tunes to the venue and they were one of the most energetic, lively bands I’d ever seen in the Edge of the Wedge. With a crowd to match too! I’ve been to a lot of gigs at the Edge, and I’d never seen anyone crowd-surf in their either. If you’re into indie-pop and you only see one band this year, make it JUNO.

By far my favourite Fitz Promotions gig so far and based upon previous lineups, that’s saying something.

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