Track of the Day #902: Idle Hours – Made Flesh

Made Flesh‘ is the highly-anticipated second single from Manchester based quartet Idle Hours! It’s a garage-rock track at heart but with a post-punk edge and it also has indie-rock sensibilities. The track is filled with angular melodies, but it’s also super catchy with glorious synth use as well.

Speaking of the track, Idle Hours frontman Jack Waldron has said: “The song follows a theme of the commodification of popular chart music and the standardised process at which it is mass-produced, but we wanted to present it in a playful manner. References to ‘A Clockwork Orange’ are used to reflect the beautiful exterior and mechanical interior of many chart-topping pop stars, exploited by major labels to produce the next top 10 hit.”

Listen to ‘Made Flesh’ by Idle Hours below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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