Track of the Day #898: DEADLETTER – Monday Night Terrors

DEADLETTER - Monday Night TerrorsSouth London based DEADLETTER released their latest track ‘Monday Night Terrors‘ last week! The track starts off with a nightmarish riff that’s joined by rattling percussion that compliments the tracks lyrical themes. This is contrasted in the verses where near spoken-word vocals are only joined by minimal instrumentation that adds to the intensity of the track. ‘Monday Night Terrors’ is a chaotic track in ways otherwise.

Speaking of the track, DEADLETTER have said: “’Monday Night Terrors’ is a response to a severely terrifying series of early-hours nightmares I experienced. I had three dreams within one another, like three Russian-doll polythene bags wrapped around my head.”

“Upon my perceived awakening from each dream, further horrors occurred, to the point that when I finally awoke, I was unable to tell whether or not I truly was sentient, as the horror continued.”

Catch DEADLETTER live at the following gigs:

23rd September – The Loft, Portsmouth
27th September – The Exchange, Bristol
29th September – Hug and Pint, Glasgow
2nd October – Brixton Windmill London
11th December – Sonic Wave Fest, Birmingham

Listen to ‘Monday Night Terrors’ by DEADLETTER below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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