Live Review: Fast Trains, Me and the Moon & Chris Peace at the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth – 15/07/21

On Thursday evening we returned to the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth for the second night of live music at the venue in over 16 months. This time we went to see Fast Trains headline the venue with support from local bands/artists Me and the Moon and Chris Peace. The gig was another socially distanced one but tonight was solely acoustic acts making for yet another mellow evening. I wasn’t able to stick around for much of Fast Trains set ironically due to the trains, however (spoiler alert), I was impressed and I said I’d write about every gig I go to this year, so here we are.

Stepping in for Tom Bryan who’d unfortunately come down with Covid was Chris Peace, otherwise known for being the frontman of local band Foxer. I’m not overly familiar with Foxer, but from what he said, apparently Chris Peace’s set was comprised almost solely of their music on the evening, with him playing acoustic renditions of the tracks. It was good to see Me and the Moon again, I think it’d been over two years since last time for me. The last few times I’d seen the band they’d performed as a duo, rather than full band and that was the same on this evening. Although the band haven’t released new music in three years, they were equipped with new material and old favourites. Me and the Moon brought fun, charming and acoustic-tinged indie-pop to the Wedge anyway.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I reckon Fast Trains had some of the most impressive lighting I’ve ever seen at the Wedge. Simple, yet effective (see photos). Fast Trains took to the stage turning over an hourglass, later explaining that his set would be split into two halves. Sticky-notes with scrawled glyphs were dotted across various objects/instruments too adding to the more eccentric side of Fast Trains set. From what I did manage to see, Fast Trains set was a well thought out and immersive tailored to both those who are dedicated fans, as well as those seeing them for the first time.

Another top night of top local artists. Let’s just hope it’s not another 16 months until the next Wedgewood Rooms gig (thankfully it wasn’t)!

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