Live Review: Nature TV, Sad Palace & Mammalia Blue @ the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth – 14/07/21

Last Wednesday evening, we were lucky enough to attend the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth first gig in over 16 months! The night saw ABH Promotions host Nature TV plus local favourites Sad Palace and Mammalia Blue, the perfect combination of mellow bands to ease back into things. It felt like picking up where we all left off just with seats/tables, hand sanitisation and social distancing etc, but oddly this didn’t feel alien, even after so long.

First to take to the stage after 16 months was Portsmouth’s own Mammalia Blue, who were coincidentally the last band I saw a full live set from at the Wedgewood Rooms sister venue the Edge of the Wedge last year. The band played a whole host of tracks from their laid-back, mellow back catalogue including latest single ‘Satori Street‘. Mammalia Blue are a hugely underrated Portsmouth band who very much deliver live.

The first time I ever saw Sad Palace live was when they supported Teleman about 5 years ago and they since became one of my favourite local bands. Ten Sad Palace gigs later and I’m back here seeing them play the Wedgewood Rooms again! The band played a set full of new/old favourites including their latest singles ‘In Dividua’ and ‘Warm Girl‘ and even a track written a decade ago. Sad Palace play dreamy, yet groovy music that’s both sometimes danceable and also the perfect compliment for summery days. The band ended up on set closer ‘Hope it Rains’, saying “now for a melancholy number” and even a cheer went up for that.

Headlining the night was Brighton based quartet Nature TV, a band I’d discovered over the past year so fairly new to me in comparison. Nature TV played a set of pleasant, melodic numbers that was contrasted by their animated stage presence and banter between songs. The band had longer to play than they expected, so after exhausting their already released music, the band cracked on with some new stuff too. They kept apologising for saying the “new tracks” were new when most of their music was probably new to the average audience member… Although I’m certain I wouldn’t have been the only one in the crowd to have known more than a few of their tracks anyway! Nature TV played a set full of jangly, soulful tunes that are sometimes tinged with melancholy. An easy-going end to the evening

Overall, it was a hugely successful first gig back and a sold-out one at that. All three bands complimented each other perfectly and it was a night also packed with plenty of new material that hadn’t been road-tested live for obvious reasons. A chilled night packed with brilliant bands, a great atmosphere and laid-back music.

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