Track of the Day #888: Kyoto Kyoto – Gaacher Blitz

Kyoto Kyoto - Gaacher BlitzGaacher Blitz‘ is the debut track from experimental South East London based trio Kyoto Kyoto! It’s a hectic, riff-filled track that ranges from hypnotic, jaunty parts that lull you in to brash, frenzied instrumentation that needs to be played loud.

Drawing influence from Krautrock, Anatolian psychedelia and the Glasgow punk scene, the band have created something unique, full of intense energy and we can only look forward to hearing more from them.

Speaking of the track, Levent Ceylan of Kyoto Kyoto has said: “The main riff was written 2-3 years ago in Munich and is heavily influenced by techno artists who performed at the venue “Blitz” in Munich. The song just kinda evolved naturally from playing as many gigs as possible and rehearsing as often as we could.”

Listen to ‘Gaacher Blitz’ by Kyoto Kyoto below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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