Discover: TV People – Out of the Silence

Dublin based alternative rock band TV People have just returned with this post-punk tinged cut ‘Out of the Silence‘. The track is a dark, riff-lead offering that’s moody and gritty. ‘Out of the Silence’ is a gloriously gloomy track for the most part, but it’s broken up by colourful melodies throughout.

Speaking of the track, lead guitarist/lyricist Paul Donohoe has said: “The tune is a homage to that timeless energy and presence that certain places have and how you can find comfort in the permanence of these places when you’re feeling a bit lost and dejected. For me, it’s an expression of optimism and appreciation for life, despite its faults and imperfections.”

Listen to ‘Out of the Silence’ by TV People below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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