Discover: Myriad – 3am

Southampton based indie-pop band Myriad have just returned with their latest track ‘3am‘. The track is possibly the bands darkest offering yet but it still features Myriad’s poppy charm by the time the chorus kicks in. It’s an ambient track at heart, but things switch up a notch towards the end of the track when explodes into a guitar-heavy banger. This might be a slow-burner, but ‘3am’ is definitely worth sticking around for.

Speaking of the track, Myriad’s lead singer David has said: “These songs cover some of the most important subjects facing 16-24 year olds today; consent, insomnia, motivation, and independence to name a few. ‘3am’ takes the concept of insomnia, and it paints the picture of when we can’t sleep, and we have pressing thoughts swirling around our heads.”

“The narrative of ‘3am’ is centred on a young person reasoning with their night-time thoughts and feelings. Processing their thoughts about life, family expectations, their own plans, dreams, and relationships. It’s also about balancing the ever changing responsibilities of adulthood in 2021. The music, is for anyone going through a tough time, especially now in the pandemic. It’s for gen-Z and anyone else feeling like they need something to express the complex spectrum of their every-day thoughts.”

Listen to ‘3am’ by Myriad below and keep up with the band on social media via the following links:

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